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Garcinia Cambogia Supplement


Garcinia cambogia (properly called garcinia gummi-gutta) is a plant native to Indonesia. Garcinia cambogia is used in traditional Asian dishes, and food preservation, but is now more often seen as a chief ingredient in weight-loss supplements. Its prevalence in this office can be explained, in part, by its having been touted as a facilitator of weight loss by notable television personalities.

The fruit’s skin contains a respectable quantity of hydroxycitric acid (HCa). HCa contains antioxidants, namely xanthones, flavonoids, and benzophenones. Notably, HCa is believed to suppress the appetite. It also seems to inhibit a certain enzyme called citrate lyase, which is responsible for storing as fats the carbohydrates you ingest. In this situation, excess carbohydrates would theoretically have to be used up as energy. HCa is also believed to slow glucose uptake, which allows for stable blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are high, the insulin in your pancreas causes it to drop, which causes you to crave sugar. Thus, the lower blood sugars resulting from HCa’s activity might also suppress thereby appetite.

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Studies done on the effectiveness of garcinia cambogia have been mixed. Some studies on rats have shown that HCa consumption increased levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which may theoretically reduce appetite. In other studies, garcinia cambogia lead to significant weight loss in rats.

Studies with humans have varied, with some finding that HCa is an effective weight loss supplement, and others finding that it doesn’t do much to prevent fat storage. More evidence is needed to establish the effectiveness of garcinia cambogia as a weight loss supplement. A garcinia cambogia supplement should never be taken to avoid a medical consultation, and Matsun Nutrition advises those who are considering taking a weight-loss supplement to conduct research and seek guidance from a qualified medical practitioner.