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Liquid is magic

Are liquid vitamins the magic elixir of life? Not quite. But sometimes we feel like they come close.

Liquid vitamins give you the best of everything. Absorbability, no binders or junk, and packed with incredible ingredients. All delivered in a delicious, smooth form. Once you go liquid, you won’t want to go back.

When it comes to absorption, nothing else comes close

Thanks to the science we’ve pioneered, our liquid vitamins are really special. They’re pre-digested so absorption is easy and cold processed so every molecule of goodness is kept intact. You get the best nature has to offer, efficiently delivered to your body.

1. Digestion helped by science

In our state-of-the-art facility, we use some pretty cool tech. Our nano-blenders and jet-engine powered mixers actually make the nutrients in our blends ‘pre-digested’.

2. Cold processed

Non-liquid brands have to use heat processing, which destroys active ingredients. We instead us cold processing, which retains everything, including natural flavorings.


3. Digest in minutes, not hours

Since all products are pre-digested and perfectly pH balanced, nutrient absorption is quick and gentle. Your body doesn’t have to work as hard, and your stomach stays happy.

4. Timing can be everything

Did you know reports have found tablets and pill multivitamins don’t always fully dissolve, so you don’t get all their benefits? That’s never the case for liquids.

Say goodbye to icky binders and fillers

Pills need fillers, lubricants, and additives to be ‘stable’ before you take them. Then your body has to break down these agents just to get to the good stuff.

Say hello to pure goodness

Our liquids are simply exceptional ingredients, plus natural sweeteners and flavors. Pure good stuff, held to the highest standards, ready to go.

With liquid, we can pack in dozens of incredible ingredients

A pill, tablet, or gummy just can’t hold the same number of ingredients that an ounce of liquid can. In fact, in one of our liquid servings, you might need anywhere from 6 to 20 pills or capsules to get the same amount of ingredient density.

Complete Multiple
Complete Multiple
Prenatal Multiple

Full spectrum of vitamins

13 vitamins

Sourced from around the world

Vital minerals

68 minerals

5 macro and 63 trace

Goodness from fruit & vegetables

33 extractives

24 fruit, 6 vegetable, and 3 superfruit

Building blocks of protein

17 amino acids

Essential & ready for the body


Full spectrum of vitamins

12 vitamins

Sourced from around the world

Vital minerals

68 minerals

5 macro and 63 trace

Goodness from fruit & vegetables

33 extractives

24 fruit, 6 vegetable, and 3 superfuit

Beneficial spices

8 herbal spices

Studied by science and harvested from nature


This equates to incredible value

Not all vitamin forms are created equal. Pill and tablet absorption rates vary from 10 – 20%. Liquids can reach a stunning 96%. Skip taking dozens of big pills to get the same amount of vitamin intake. Plus, our cold processing means every ingredient is protected from heat, so our liquids have the highest efficacy.


One delicious ounce and you’re ready to go

As a human, you have goals, ambitions, people to spend time with, and places to go. Liquid Health is the convenient fuel to support anything and everything you endeavor to do in life. Besides all the science behind our formulations, liquids are just easier to take.

Sip, gulp, or add to a smoothie — you’re ready for your next adventure.